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SNAP or Sub-Network Access Protocol provides critical information for directing traffic on networks in order to avoid data collisions. This function becomes even more important as the speed and reach of  our networks and technology increase.

5G technology represents a giant leap forward for humankind along the lines of the steam engine or the personal computer. It has the potential to revolutionize how we as people interact with the world. A few things that a fully deployed 5G network could enable: complete remote medicine including remote surgery, real-time video and soon holographic communication to almost anywhere in the world, ability to stream ultra high-resolution video wherever you are, and immersive virtual environments. The deployment of a 5G network is dependent on building out a very large infrastructure.

The domains below highlight key concepts/elements of the 5G infrastructure:

5GDIALOGUE.COM (GigaHertz) ( MegaHertz) (oRAN - Open Radio Access Network) (SNR -Standalone New Radio) ( cRAN - centralized radio access network)

5GLoS.COM ( LoS- Line of Sight) (Los Angeles)



5GNGC.COM (NGC - Next generation core) -

5GV2.COM - (V2 - Version 2) ( Phased Array)

Domain Domme LLC

Domain Domme LLC

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